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Is working remotely now a reality in the world of accounting?

 Can you have your tapas and eat it too?

Adriana Amato in fintech, accounting
Sep 12

Ben Nacca prefers to pick and choose his office location.

On September 27 Capitalise will be talking with Ben Nacca, CEO of Cone Accounting, about his foray into working from a virtual office. Ben has just returned to the UK after 3 months in Barcelona - not to mention a quick trip to Japan. So how does he do it?

We will be chatting about the tricks of the trade for the ever growing more in demand option of being able to work from home - or in his case, Barcelona for three months.

What are the biggest obstacles of working at a distance and did the benefits outweigh the challenges? It certainly sounds like it.

"The decision to work 100% remotely has empowered us all to live our best lives and love what we do. Rather than worrying about offices and commutes, we can focus on the one thing that matters most in our business; the people."

Sign up here to hear what the tricks of the trade are (we’ll all be taking notes, we’ll all be taking notes, as England cools down - I certainly wouldn't mind heading to Australia for their summer).

Can't make the time? Don't worry, sign up anyway and we'll send you a recoding of the entire Live Session. 





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